How could I let this happen?

I swore I wouldn’t do it. I said it would never be me, but here I am.

The idea of going to the bathroom in private is such a long ago, far off in the distance kind of memory that now I find myself not even closing the door at home when I go.

Occasionally as I’m walking up the hall I have to remind myself that there are visitors in the house just so I don’t forget.

The horror! Maybe when the kids are old enough to listen when I say I really don’t need them to help, maybe then I’ll return to the land of the polite and sane… That should only be another 4-6 years.


There is no me. Only we.

I realised last night laying in bed that I have no identity myself at the moment. I’ve somehow lost my ‘me’ and turned into a ‘we’.

In the process of having a baby and returning to the world of stay at home mummy-ness I’ve forgotten that I am a separate being that can actually do my own thing. Your life gets so overrun with the hectic schedule that is parenting that you lose yourself. I wonder how many people go through this, or is it just me?

I don’t think much when my man says he’s going out with some friends, or going to watch a movie with his brother. I just seem to tell myself that it’s fine- but not for me. No! I have responsibilities and children to look after. When did I last go and spend time with my sister without having kids distract me and divert all my energy for the whole visit?

Nope I bet it’s more common than I think.

I can’t remember the last time ‘I’ went out. Or ‘I’ did some shopping. Or ‘I’ visited a friend. It’s turned into me and my posse of little tiny hangers on.

With the thought looming ever closer of my return to full time work in a number of weeks I’m realising I need to find myself again or its going to be an even harder transition, and a lonely one without the posse to keep me company all day.

So it’s time! Time to organise a shopping day. Or dinner with a friend. Or both!!!! I’m already getting excited.