Let me entertain you…

I’m dealing with the big issues.

The real important topics that need discussing.

Children’s TV.

I’m a little upset with the ‘new’ Wiggles. Miss 2 continually asks me where Jeff is, and the introduction of a female Wiggle just seems wrong.  But most importantly I miss Sam Wiggle. I thought he was a great addition to the line up when he started, and has been by far the best singer of them all. So we don’t really watch new Wiggles anymore. Thank goodness for dvds.

Three has also been an absolute uproar with the new programming by ABC last week on their kids ‘ABS4’ channel. I like it though.

Parents Australia wide have been talking about the horrors of trying to get their kids to bed at night without watching In The Night Garden, and how it has ruined their lives… Do these people never ever go out or have dinner with family, or turn off the TV? We often use the TV to keep miss 2 under control in crazy dinner preparation time, but it is NOT part of her bedtime routine. That’s what baths, toothbrushes and books are for.

Having calm shows on TV just before nap time is a MUCH smarter idea to me. I’m trying to feed the baby and get lunches made and there’s no bedtime routine to follow so I need miss 2 to sit calmly for a short time so I can get everything done. It has been great having her sit and watch a calm show that gives her a hint that sleep is coming soon. Toddlers like to know what’s coming, so it gives her the heads up she needs. Good work to the ABC on that one!



What is this thing called quiet?

Eight of us have reduced to six for the night.

Yep. Husband and miss 2 have gone camping for the night – it’s a school holiday ‘dads and kids’ trip with a friend and his kids.

So it’s just me and Mr 5 weeks old (5 weeks old tomorrow! How did that happen?), the cats and the dogs.

It is eerily quiet in the house without someone else to chatter with. The little guy is in bed, and now that they’re fed the animals have scattered.

I’ve done a quick toy clean up and got the bottles washed and sterilised.

I think I’ve forgotten what to do when you have a night to yourself… It’s been a while.