A new beginning

So it has been 4 weeks since my little boy was welcomed into this big wide world. It’s been a whirlwind of a time in our house- organising, feeding, changing, settling. And all this with a 2 and a half year old daughter who has been thrown into a new world of chaos and removed from her routine. 

It has been amazing to watch the changes in my son this time around. So quickly he has gone from fragile looking newborn to a little person with his own feelings and emotions. This time I’m taking the time to notice. This time I’m not wishing away a single minute of my precious time with my baby. 

Last time… Last time was tough. We were first time parents and we didn’t have an easy baby. After a very long (4+ days) labour and an emergency cesarean I was sleep deprived and and run down before I even actually had her in my arms. The first 2 weeks are oblivious. The next 2 months are hazy memories. At about the 3 month mark things started improving and we got to enjoy our little girl and were introduced to her cheeky nature. From there she has flourished and grown into a confident and cheery girl who we absolutely adore. 


This time was very different.

Still a difficult labour but for all its own reasons. At least it was quicker. This time we got a quiet, calm, content baby who is happy to lay back and take in whatever the world throws at him. He sleeps. He eats. He sometimes wakes up and has a look around. The kind you hear of but don’t see that often. They do exist. 

So for now I’m a stay at home mummy with 2 beautiful kids. And I’m recovering from surgery. And I’m about to start doing it alone when hubby goes back to work on Monday.  And I’ve got another 2 weeks before I’m allowed to drive. I think it will be a long 2 weeks. 


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